Content Design

As much as DoiT needed a new brand identity and messaging, it needed a proper website. The site that existed at prior to November 2022 lacked not only imagination and impact, but also basic function. There were no content journeys, no resources hub, no clear navigation path and endless dead-end pages.

As we got closer to delivering the new DoiT brand, we got to work on the website. The first step for me was to outline the information that should exist on the site, in accordance with our new messaging and positioning, as well as all the insight I’d gained in the messaging workshop and rebrand project. From there, I could map content journeys for the various users. Whether a visitor came to the site to look for a specific service or blog, research DoiT as a potential partner, scope out the company before an interview or as follow-through on a digital ad they clicked, I intended to make sure they left knowing what we did, including our why and how, and how we could deliver benefit to them.


First things first, the website had to very clearly state what DoiT’s business was and how they stood apart from the competition. The fact we are a global company with customers, partners and employees across a range of cultures and languages was always in my mind. What we said and how we said it had to be clear to anyone visiting our site. This was an extension of our brand style — that everything we make is smart, relatable, helpful and true. A big part of this was securing the simpler url to be our new web address for the launch.


Our site visitors ranged from customers who used the dot-com as a portal to the platform (so were on it every day) to prospective customers sent there for the first time by a partner rep to people who saw our booth at a conference and came to learn more. The site had to be easy for all of them to navigate and find the information that interested them. I see every word, graphic and CTA as an opportunity to communicate, and I didn’t want any of it to be wasted or ‘just because’. The page architecture and taxonomy were made as clear and concise as possible, allowing for those interested to journey deeper while giving just the necessary info at the start.


Over the years I’ve become passionate about accessibility in design and communication, and a proponent of accessibility being a non-negotiable consideration from the start of any project. We followed the web content accessibility guidelines (WCAG) for all on-page content, alternative text and captions, etc. to ensure that the information is accessible by the widest possible audience. Our videos all include captions and transcript files, our pages can be navigated by keyboards, and our colours and fonts are selected for accessibility. You can read more about accessible considerations in our design in this blog.


Every content strategist and designer knows that keeping people on the page and clicking is key to conversion. The new needed to enable information journeys for multiple use cases, so people could come to the site for the information they wanted, then continue clicking and discovering additional information that would help them understand the company better, explore additional services they weren’t aware of, learn more about emerging technologies and more. As such there is not a single hidden or dead-end page on the site — if information was important enough to be on the site, it was important enough to have a path to find it. There are no one-off landing pages or limiting single-action CTAs. Every page enables visitors to continue discovering. The persistent navigation, informative drop-downs and site-wide search help ensure that there is always somewhere to click to.


The new website would be the broadest application of the new DoiT brand, and as such, it needed to convey every aspect of the new identity and point of view. It is dynamic, helpful, energetic and reliable. It doesn’t shout about our greatness but rather remains focused on enabling the greatness of DoiT’s customers. It is intent on delivering information and guidance, from a function-first resources hub that is focused on the content our customers want to see, to ‘intro’ videos showcasing the customer reliability engineers that interact with and support customers on a daily basis. We even added a cheeky ‘pricing’ page to address the fact that prospects are always looking for a catch to DoiT’s zero-cost model. There really is no catch — as is clear from the new website, what you see is what you get with DoiT.

To see the site live, visit Or check out the design by scrolling through this slideshow.