OpenHive.JS Podcast

The podcast for all things JavaScript, OpenHive.JS presents conversations with key contributors and open source leaders around new developments, challenges and perspectives in JS technology.

Hosted by James Snell and Matteo Collina, OpenHive.JS publishes new episodes monthly and is produced and distributed by NearForm.

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Episodes include:

Liz Parody on Building Communities

This episode of OpenHive.JS was recorded across four continents, with people in Italy, Colombia, California and Dubai — a fitting setup for a conversation focused on building and strengthening global communities and connections. As our guest Liz Parody points out, it’s what you put into your interactions that matters, and this conversation is proof of that.

A self-taught, highly skilled software engineer and Head of Developer Relations at NodeSource, Liz has made a name for herself building key communities within open source. Through her work organising JSConf, Pioneras Developers and StartUp Weekend Women Edition, Liz has gained valuable insights and techniques for growing, sustaining and empowering OSS communities, many of which she shares in this episode.

Philipp Dunkel on Temporal

For our introductory episode of OpenHive.JS, the podcast for all things JavaScript from NearForm, we welcome Philipp Dunkel to tell us about the Temporal proposal for date and time handling. Philipp gets into the persistent challenges in how we currently manage date and time, and explains how Temporal aims to solve them. Welcome to OpenHive.JS.

Laurie Barth on Maintaining Gatsby

In this episode of OpenHive.JS, we talk to Laurie Barth about life as a Gatsby maintainer and what it’s really like to be part of a project with that many moving parts. Laurie shares insights into getting started in open source, the beauty of docs done right and much more. 

NearForm on Building Contact Tracing Apps

In this special all-NearForm episode, we welcome our colleagues Colm Harte, Kevin Devine and Shaun Baker, who have spent the past several weeks designing, building and deploying Covid-19 contact tracing apps, including the highly successful COVID Tracker Ireland app. Here, they talk to us about the specific technology used, the challenges of creating an app with such high stakes and much more.

Mikeal Rogers on Decentralised Databases

For the ninth episode of OpenHive.JS, we sit down for a detailed, insightful and entertaining conversation with Mikeal Rogers, IPLD Lead at Protocol Labs, creator of NodeConf and longtime friend of NearForm. Mikeal has been a key figure in the JavaScript community for many years and comes ready to discuss it all, from decentralised databases and encryption to open source ideals and more. With this much to talk about, we need two episodes. This is part one. Welcome back to OpenHive.JS.