Experts in environmental data management and reporting, Emisoft are a passionate team of technology innovators and business professionals dedicated to helping customers meet reporting and compliance requirements while minimising their environmental impact.

In 2016, Emisoft were ready to develop and embrace a new branded identity that could reflect their dedication and professionalism, and communicate the potential of their environmental reporting software to their growing global market.

Working closely with company leadership and product leads, and the creative team at Maverick Communications, I put words to the passion that drives Emisoft as a company and as a strategic tool for environmental health and data management. The result is some of the work I’m most proud of, viewable at and in the galleries below.


HOMEPAGE: Within minutes of meeting the people at Emisoft, it became clear that their passion was not data management or SaaS technology, but life and nature. People coming to their site for the first time needed to see that.

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HOW IT WORKS: The Emisoft solution is beautifully simple — once you understand it. To communicate the potential of the system in a straightforward yet impactful way, I worked with the Design Director to create a streamlined, progressive, visual journey through the data process.

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WHY EMISOFT: Who better to communicate the value of the Emisoft solution than the customers who rely on it every day?

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APPLICATIONS: The enthusiasm of the Emisoft team transformed what could have been an incredibly daunting task of learning the ins and outs of environmental reporting into an enlightening discovery of what it takes to protect our planet.

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INDUSTRIES: One unique challenge was the need to not only understand what Emisoft do, but to place that within the context of broader complex industries to express the value added by their solution.

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CLIENT STORIES: Developing the case studies to support Emisoft’s value proposition was a unique opportunity to learn about the goals and practices of global corporations at the forefront of sustainability.

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ABOUT US: When it came time to communicate who Emisoft are, the copy practically wrote itself.

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